Ebay auction for charity

This exclusive Audi R8c signed by Maurizio Ferrari will be sold for charity.

Maya is a little girl, the little princess of her proud parents Sabine and Jurgen. This relatively young family comes from Messelbroek, near Scherpenheuvel-Zichem in Belgium.

Since her birth, Maya has been struggling with a significant number of health problems.

Maya is now one and a half years old and has already been through several medical operations and very long stays in the hospitals of UZ Gasthuisberg in Leuven, AZ in Diest and the rehabilitation centre Pulderbos.

Permanent supervision and intensive daily treatment and care are essential for Maya.

Daddy Jurgen was forced to give up his job in order to be able to take care of Maya. And especially in order to be able to bear the costs that this whole ordeal brings with it.

Therefore, it is quite understandable that Sabine and Jurgen are facing extremely difficult financial challenges.

For instance, Maya needs daily tube feeding and is dependent on several medical machines, such as an aspirator and cannulas in order to enable Maya’s breathing.

We were greatly amazed at seeing that slot racer Jurgen had even offered his hobby materials for sale on the internet in order to be able to continue taking care of Maya. Seeing that got the ball rolling.

The people at the slot racing store and web shop Slotracing2go in the Dutch Witmarsum in the province of Friesland took this as their cue to give Sabine, Jurgen and Maya a bit of extra support.

The owners Jacqueline and Guus immediately pulled up a highly exclusive vehicle from their collection and made it available for auction.

The item to be auctioned is the extremely rare Slot-it Audi RC8 which was never officially for sale and which only a few lucky people in the whole world were able to get their hands on.

When Jacqueline and Guus of slotracing2go also told the CEO of the Italian manufacturer Slot-it, Maurizio Ferrari, about what they were planning to do, he decided to personally sign the exclusive vehicle for the auction for the benefit of Maya.

This vehicle will be sold through an eBay auction and the proceeds will entirely go to Jurgen, Sabine and Maya. This will all take place under the direct supervision of Maurizio Ferrari and Jacqueline and Guus of Slotracing2go.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in supporting this initiative and contribute by purchasing a support ticket with which you can place a bid on the extremely rare and exclusive Slot-it Audi RC8.

Hopefully, this will allow us to offer Sabine, Maya and Jurgen in Messelbroek a less difficult Christmas and start to 2015.

Go to Ebay and make your bid .

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