Als je geïnteresseerd bent in mooie aangeklede racebanen, dan moet je zeker de S-Ring op het Slotforum bekijken. Het circuit is gemaakt in de stijl van de jaren zeventig.

Een Duitse vijftigplusser heeft de baan gemaakt. Op het Slotforum schrijft hij aan het begin van het project het volgende:

I started with Scalextric Sport 7 Years ago. From the beginning it was clear for me, that I want create a track with landscape, buildings and other things to give it a realistic look. Carpet racing I’m not really into it. At that time I lived in a little flat and the problem was, that I hadn’t the place for a permanent track. I build a track in 3 pieces but the assembly and disassembly was no fun and over the years I lost the interest in slotcars. I wraped all track pieces, cars, figures, buildings in boxes hoping that sometimes it would be possible to build a permanent track. In 2010 I bought a house and in the middle of 2012 I my interest in slotracing again began.
When the winter 2012 came, I started with the construction of the new track. The dimension is 3,50 x 2,00 meters, the requirements for the track should be:
1. Scalextric digital for 6 cars
2. Pit lane
3. Similar park high detailing scenery with hilrocks, humps, trees etc.
4. Painted track
5. Special track passages (what I mean you will see later)
6. High detailing slotcars from for example RACER, Le Mans Miniatures …
7. The focus will be on a track which is nice to drive, rich in variety but not a high speed track for best times

Scalextric strandset

Scalextric heeft een leuke set van auto’s uitgebracht voor de Beach Boys onder de slotracers.

VW Beetle 1963: The Volkswagen Beetle was designed as a practical, durable and affordable car in Germany in the 1930s. By the 1970s it had reached cult status and was popular all over the world. The Beetle was often converted for leisure pursuits and was a must-have vehicle for the out-door activities.
VW Camper Van Type 1b: With its fold away bed, table, sink and cooker, the Volkswagen Camper, or bus in the US, has been the starting point for many an adventure. First built in 1950, the popularity of the Type 1b reached its peak in the 1960s. Today, these early classic models are as popular as ever.