324 GHOST TRAX system

Persbericht van Ghost Trax over een interessant baansystteem:
“With the new 324 range GHOST TRAX brings a new vision of slot racing on wooden tracks. The concept is very simple: a system of tracks with 3 slots that can constantly evolve from analog to digital, possibilities of track designs almost infinite , footprint and weight minimized for unmatched ease of use. 324 GHOST TRAX system also allows you to drive with cars at 1/24 as well as 1/ 32 (see 1/43) . And you will surprise yourself setting up ten meters of track in 10 minutes.

Your slotracing track will never clutter your garage anymore. 324 system takes up very little space when stored and can be mounted in few minutes without tools. As always, the material used for our tracks requires no finishing treatment and is ready to race in two shades of gray. More grip? More drift? No problem it’s up to you to decide where you want, when you want … A piece of fine sandpaper and your track turns into “race under the rain.”

A damp sponge and coarse sandpaper and here is a more abrasive asphalt! Modulate the grip of your track to suit your mood or your driving skills. The 324 range is designed to accommodate many accessories (adjustable feet, fences, lights etc …) which will be announced as they will be developped. All plates have a 100mm spacing between slots (narrowing to +/- 60mm in some corners). They are about 380mm wide by 1200mm or 800mm long, thickness 16mm. All turns are made asymmetric with evolutionary radiation, designed to ensure maximum flow in driving and provide different sensations to go back and forth. Each plate is machined to accept accessories (barriers, lighting, borders …) existing or future. The plates are self supporting and designed to receive adjustable feet. The range will be expanded over time …

Here’s some techs info about our new track system “324”, now available. • Modular wooden track system at 1/32-1/24. • Tracks Specs : 120 & 80 cm length. 38cm wide • 3 lanes, ultra-fast assembly without tools, base system available (heigh adjustment integrated). • Super lightweight, easy to carry. • 10 different tracks available now (other designs in future). • GHOST TRAX track material available in 2 colors (light or dark grey). • Ready for fences or side wall, accessories and lighting system. • Wireless race system included with power base & pack. • Available as “starting pack” or separated elements. • High-quality craft made. • and more…”

Het systeem op de afbeelding kost maar 1.600 euro. Geen geld, toch?